At TRANSCOUNT transparency is a key enabler towards mastering the ability to see through to the heart of matters investments
At TRANSCOUNT we do what we say while serving our members and in any other form of stakeholder engagement
We approach our activities as a team with the realization that unity illuminates the whole world
At TRANSCOUNT, formation of the vacuum to receive prosperity as a key starting point is paramount as we seek to achieve member aspirations
Our future growth relies on innovation


We all have this grand idea of increasing our net worth through various means among them being investments. TRANSCOUNT Cooperative was thus formed to help accelerate this process. The idea begun with a meeting of like-minded individuals held on the 2nd of July 2016 in Nairobi to brainstorm on the most convenient vehicle that would help actualize this idea. After tabling various suggestions, it was agreed that the suitable option was to start with the formation of this cooperative society into which all members would subscribe with a minimum of 1000 shares of Kshs. 100 in value each.

TRANSCOUNT is thus a registered Cooperative under The Cooperative Societies Act CAP 490, Laws of Kenya. The society has therefore drafted its own by laws which guide matters such us; Membership, minimum joining share capital for new members, and other clauses defining how the society affairs are legally run. We endeavor to always operate within the law. Membership eligibility is for any person above 18 years of age. Joining requirements are listed under the FAQS portal.


The society carries out its business activities using funds raised from members’ paid up capital and deposits.

The TRANSCOUNT business activities as detailed in its objectives are focused around but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Real estate
  • Micro lending
  • Transportation and logistics business
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail business and any other legal business as specified in the society`s by laws.

The society continues to dutifully hold annual general meetings in its endeavor to engage its members in open forums where the audited annual accounts are tabled and new office bearers are elected. Dividends are paid out to members whenever profits are declared and approved by the AGM.



To be the investment group of choice and a market leader in wealth creation.


To harness the organization’s capital and other resources for the purpose of wealth creation by way of investments for the mutual benefit of all the society`s stakeholders.


Transparency: At TRANSCOUNT we value transparency since this enables to master the ability to see through to the heart of issues and investments.

Integrity: At TRANSCOUNT we do what we say in the service to our members and other forms of engagement with our stakeholders.

Unity: We approach our activities as a united team upon the realization that this can illuminate the whole earth.

Prosperity: At TRANSCOUNT we seek to achieve the goals of our members through enabling the formation of the vacuum to receive prosperity as a starting point.

Innovative: Our future growth relies on innovation.


The idea of forming an investment group cropped up during a family gathering in Machakos town. While in the process of disbanding a funeral organizing committee, members thought it would be a good idea to focus onto something else now that the committee objectives had been achieved. In mid June a follow up meeting was held at a city restaurant and a unanimous decision was arrived at to form an all encompassing investment group. Several names were floated and TRANSCOUNT was adopted as the group’s name. An application was sent to the registrar and we received positive feedback with a registration certificate in December 2016.

At inception stage the plan was to form a company with members purchasing shares but this was shelved upon realization that the legal and regulatory requirements were too demanding and the business scope would be too narrow to serve the wider investments agenda that was being pursued. It was agreed that this would be revisited in future when the necessary framework is in place and conditions been met. As activity grows we shall then form a group holding company to be the ultimate supervisor of all the sectors and various activities Trans-Count will be involved in.


The objects for which the Society is established are:-

  1. To erect, construct and carry on the business of property development.
  2. To improve existing properties of the society or works thereon, to convert and appropriate any such land into and for roads, streets, squares, gardens and pleasure grounds and other conveniences and generally to deal with and improve the property of the society.
  3. To lease or otherwise dispose of the building and other property of the society.
  4. To purchase, take on lease or in exchange hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property of any kind of any interest therein any rights or privileges which the Management Committee of the Society may think necessary or convenient for the purposes of or in connection with Society’s businesses or which may enhance the value of any other property of the Society.
  5. To improve, manage, develop, turn to account, grant rights or privileges in respect of or otherwise deal with any of the property, rights and privileges of the society.
  6. To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business assets and liabilities of any person or Society carrying on or proposing to carry on any business which the Society is authorized to carry on or which can be carried on in conjunction with any business of the Society or which is possessed of property suitable for the purposes of the Society.
  7. To pay out of the funds of the society all expenses which the society may lawfully pay for or in connection with the formation and registration of the Society.
  8. To amalgamate, enter into partnership or into any arrangement for sharing profits, union of interests, co-operation joint venture, reciprocal concession, limiting competition or otherwise with any person or society carrying on or engaged in or about to carry on or engage in any business or transaction which the society is authorized to carryon or engage in or can be carried on in conjunction with any business of the society or which is capable of being conducted so as to benefit the society, directly or indirectly.


Supervisory Committee


Executive Committee



Keizi Kisiah

Keizi Kisiah

Mercy Miroyo

Mercy Miroyo

Fred Nyandaya Magomere

Fred Nyandaya Magomere

Holds Bsc in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Strategic Management. 28 yrs experience in Engineering and General Management roles in the Manufacturing Sector.


Nicholas Angutsa Engoke

Nicholas Angutsa Engoke

MBA, BBA Finance( Hons). Cert. IDPM UK, MKIM. Holds MBA in Leadership and Strategic Management. Bachelor's degree in Business Administration Finance Option. Member of the Kenya Institute of Management. Holder of a certificate with Institute of Data Processing Management UK. Over 25 years working in the Financial Services Industry.
Catherine Muthoni Maingi

Catherine Muthoni Maingi

Vice Chairperson
Joseph Luvisia Jamwaka

Joseph Luvisia Jamwaka

Secretary General
Aggrey Muhando

Aggrey Muhando

Stanley Masiuki

Stanley Masiuki

Investment Chairperson
Kevin Majani

Kevin Majani

Member & Head of ICT
CPA(Certified public accountant),Diploma in accountancy,Diploma ICT, Cert F1(french) ,with 5years and counting in auditing field. Currently pursuing CIFA.




Coming up. Marple Ridge Phase I in Sigona Banda housing project.


Greatwall Apartment

The complete Great wall second project at Athi River junction. Realising monthly income. Purchased for speculation purposes.


How to become a member/What do I require to join TRANSCOUNT Cooperative?
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Copy of valid identification card
  • Upon payment of minimum capital share and registration fee.
  • Two passport size photos
  • Fully completed application form to be forwarded to the Secretary ( found in the documents folder).
How to access my personal details?
  • Click the link marked Portal to redirect you to the members’ portal.
How do I contact the organisation’s management?
  • Use the email address, telephone number or the contact template provided on the website.
How do I lodge a query?
  • Use the contact template provided on the website Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • E mail response at least within 24 hrs.
I need to dispose my shares?
  • Minimum capital shares are not refundable however they are transferable to another member of the society. Cooperative officials ONLY facilitate the process and are legally restricted from promoting this.
How do I make a payment to the Society?
  1. Over the counter cash/cheque deposit (Bank details).
  2. Via mpesa paybill.
  3. Via swift.

Payment Details
Bank: Cooperative Bank
Branch: Embakasi
Account No.: 01120676791700
Mpesa Business/Paybill No.: 400222
Paybill Account No.: 49814#[Your name]

DO NOT send cash to any of the officials. All payments be made directly into the TRANSCOUNT COOP bank account. Always remember to keep your payment receipt for reference purposes.

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